Custom Ribbed Lanyards

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Custom ribbed lanyard production: short delivery time, impeccable quality, low prices!

Have you ever thought of surprising your customers with personalized PR gifts? Are you organising an event, conference or exhibition? Order unique neck straps in a special, ribbed-effect material, directly from the manufacturer! We can realize any type of lanyards, the only limit is your imagination!

Custom ribbed lanyards differ from the standard because they have a different feel.

How can we guarantee 100% satisfaction? The answer is simple, during production we inspect and discard each lanyard one by one, ensuring that only perfect quality lanyards are delivered to our customers! Thanks to our ever-growing and evolving fleet of machines, we can guarantee the widest possible customisation of our products.

How can we guarantee the best price? We strive to provide absolutely superior products with better value for money than anyone else. Furthermore, we can guarantee flexibility and responsiveness in processing your orders.


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