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  • Plant labels

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    Plant labels for nurseries! Suitable for marking plants, shrubs, saplings and even Christmas trees! The plant marker made of tyvek material is resistant to weather conditions, they are wat...
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  • Car key tags

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    Car key tags for car dealerships and car services! The perfect solution for the easy identification of vehicles is the car key label, which made of tyvek material, they are waterproof, strength and ...
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The production of marking tapes made of widely usable tyvek material which are useful accessories in the life of businesses. Thanks to our available machinery we manage the entire production of our products in-house thereby guaranteeing high quality. Our main products are marking tape and car key marking tape.

This type of product is recommended for gardeners to mark plants, shrubs, seedlings, grafts or trees. The car key marking tapes are useful for identifying vehicles in car dealerships, car services, car washes and car rentals. Our products are made of white tyvek material, which can be easily attached by looping. After removing the perforation part you can apply them easily.

Each of our products can be handwritten with any text so the marked goods can be easily identified. They can be used both indoors and outdoors as the material is waterproof and has excellent strength. Our products are not only suitable for professional use but they may useful for private individuals,

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