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  • NFC Mini Tag (F08)

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    • Sent immediately from stock!• Type of the NFC: F08 (compatible with Mifare S50 1K);• The mini tag can be printed with one/two colours;• UID number is printed on the rea...
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  • NFC Fabric Wristbands (F08)

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    • Shipped from stock F08 (compatible with Mifare S50 1K) mini tag!• Width of the wristbands: 15mm, length: 350mm;• NFC tags can be printed with 2 colours;• UID number o...
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The most popular wristbands are produced from tyvek, fabric and silicone materials. The fabric entry bands can be personalised: we can print any logo, text or slogan on them. They're waterproof and comfortable and can be used not only at festivals as they are a perfect marketing tool for any event. The NFC technology makes it possible to track and identify people. One of the most important functions of this type of entry bracelet is that NFC allows cashless payment which makes it a great choice for festival organisers. This means that festival-goers don't need to take their wallet because they have their wristbands and thanks to the NFC chip the payment will be done immediately, as if it were a credit card. This payment system allows you to top up your wristband with funds to spend anywhere on site.

In case of tyvek wristbands, the NFC tag gets affixed to the back of the band. Tyvek entry bands are stretch-resistant but they are usually used only for few days. They're a perfect choice for shorter festivals and aquaparks. The wristbands cannot be removed without damage although the data that is stored on the NFC chip remains readable even after damage caused by improper removal.

There is another great solution of having an NFC tag on your wrist: silicone bracelets. In this case the NFC chip is not visible because it is embedded in the silicone.  This type of bracelets is stretch-resistant and waterproof, therefore an ideal solution for seashore and festivals.

The RFID (NFC) technology can be used for different purposes:

• checking the originality of products
• security and entry systems
• fee payment systems
• tracking of products and devices
• identification and tracking of animals
• healthcare
• libraries
• administration, acceleration of processing documents
• automation to reduce human mistakes
• logistics

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