Wristbands for Wedding

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10 Item(s)


People are searching the possibilities to make their wedding unforgettable. Do you need something special? We can convert your ideas into reality. We produce different lanyards and wristbands for your wedding. It's a special form of thanksgiving.

Our products are produced from high-quality materials using the most modern technologies to make your wedding unforgettable. The wedding decorations are printed in full color (it means we can use any colour at the production).

Let's inspire!

     • What about a wristband with funny message? The invitation is outdated.
     • Custom printed wristbands for your wedding...
     • Individually produced lanyards or key-holders produced from textile...
     • Festival wristband as "ticket" to your wedding!
     • Partypass or invitation card with wedding theme. They are perfectly fit to the lanyards.
     • Wedding wristbands with citation!
     • Woven wristbands with shiny gold or silber motives.
     • Silicone bracelets with custom pattern!

In case if you have any question please let us know. You can send an e-mail to info@euroko.eu. W can send you a sample package to check the quality of the products before you order. 

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