Baggage Belts

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3 Item(s)

Do you travel a lot? You may lose your luggage in a hurry. We have a perfect solution to prevent the unexpected situations caused by losing your baggage. Choose our luggage belt to sign and identificate your baggage. Order pre-produced baggage belt to identificate your luggage and keep strangers’ hands off.

With these simple and cost-efficient product you may save money, time and some worrying. Strap around the side of a luggage and prevents accidentally popping open during your travel on the plane or in the departure lounge.

The baggage belts can be used as marketing tool to print individual design on it. They’re mostly bought by travel agencies, airports, taxi companies, hotels, conference centers, expos. Most of companies are searching for a new way of advertising and this is the right way to show something new to the costumers.

Do not hesitate and order your luggage belt directly from the manufacturer.

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