Personalised Silk Screen Lanyards

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  • Lanyard Based on Individual Request

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    Would you like something special? You're in the right place: as manufacturers, we can fulfill any custom request! Lanyard based on individual request: write to us your specific needs regardi...
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  • Screen Printed Lanyard

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    Order your custom screen-printed lanyard directly from the manufacturer! An excellent promotional tool, a useful and essential accessory in everyday life or for your event! Our customers lov...
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  • Screen Printed Lanyard with Safety Breakaway

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    Safety is paramount! To prevent accidents, order your screen printed lanyard with safety breakaway in accordance with occupational safety precautions. Thanks to screen printing, the ink is applied t...
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6 Item(s)

Screen printed lanyard production from the Euroko team!

What distinguishes screen printed neck straps from others? The answer lies in the speciality of the printing technology, as the desired logo or inscription is applied to the surface of the material, so that it creates a 3D effect. Thanks to this technology, the neckband can be printed directly on a ribbed polyester base material. You can find the range of colours available of this material in our product configurator. Keep in mind that this kind of lanyard can only be printed with one colour.

Why are we better than our competitors?

The answer is simple, during production we inspect and discard each lanyard one by one, ensuring that only lanyards of perfect quality are delivered to our customers!

Order custom-made lanyards directly from the manufacturer! We can realize any type of neck strap, the only limit is your imagination!

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