Safety Wristbands for Children

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3 Item(s)

The safety tyvek wristbands for children are a basic requirement for every family outing these days, as it is a simple but extremely useful solution for child safety. Today it's also an essential accessory for every purpose.

In case the child gets lost, the security tape can be of great help in finding the little scallywag, because all of the basic informations can be written on the tyvek bracelets easily. The Tyvek tapes with playful patterns can be ordered from 10 pieces.

Our company offers the possibility to order the tyvek safety bands with the name of the child and with the data of the adult who accompanies them.

Thanks to our versatile and funny designs, you'll definitely find what you are looking for. The material of the wristband is tyvek, so it's anti-allergic, skin-friendly and contains no dangerous components hazardous for children.

Thanks to the disposable adhesive closure, it's really hard to remove the childrens' tyvek wristbands which increases safety.

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