• RFID Wristbands
    RFID is one of the most popular solutions all around the world. The entry is safe, the cash management is simple. Contact us and know our self-developed cashless system called EventID.
  • Wristbands for Wedding
    Wedding is a special and most waited moment in our lives. Make that event special and unforgettable. We have different solutions and tips for it - do not hesitate to contact us!

Products by use

Lanyards and wristbands can be used in different ways according to the circumstances. What about the silicone bracelets? Do you know how to use the woven wristbands with NFC-Chip? How are they produced? How are they useful? So many and complex questions but the answer is not so simple.

Thanked to the individual production, product combinations and experiences throughout the last 10 years we can give you unbelievable ideas how to use our products in exercise. Choose us and learn more about our products which are mostly used in events, conferences, tombolas, university campuses, festivals.

In case if you have individual ideas or wish, please contact us.

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