Vinyl Event Bands

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2 Item(s)

Vinyl Eintrittsbänder - Vinyl KontrollbänderPlastic wristbands are often referred to as "vinyl". We have 2 different types of vinyl bracelets: L-shape and Wide Face. These event bands are usually for long-time festivals and promotional events. They are untearable and easy to apply. They have a plastic patent closure which, once closed, can't be removed without causing damage to the product. After the event, they can be removed with scissors or knife.

If you need many colours for your design we can advice you to buy vinyl L-shape wristbands, because in case of these you can use up to 13 different colours.

Do you have a long imprint or logo which should be printed in vertical orientation? Don't hesitate and order Wide Face wristbands. We have a choice of 5 colours.

The material is vinyl which provides strength, quality and a longer lifetime. The Vinyl L-shape and Wide Face security bands are waterproof, therefore they are the perfect choice for aquaparks.

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