Fabric Wristbands

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14 Item(s)

Fabric WristbandsFabric wristbands are the most comfortable wristbands. Thanks to the smooth polyester material the entry bands are suitable for multi-day events. Mostly they're used at festivals.

We offer the printed festival bands in two different widths: 15 mm and 20 mm. The length is 350 mm.

The textile wristbands are waterproof, stretch-resistant and have either a non-reusable metal or plastic closure. The material of the band is a soft polyester, so it is very comfortable to wear.

We can print the entire surface of the band with 4C (full color) printing technology. Your design can be printed with up to 16 million colours. The colour gradients and the two-sided printing are great advantages of this security wristband. Let yourself be inspired!

We can produce eco and neon wristbands as well. 5 different neon colours, RPET material, express production and shipping.

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