• Custom Mini Lanyards
    Custom mini lanyards are one of the most popular promo items on the market. They're used during weekdays and always useful item to put them your keys. They can be fully customized and shipped within few days - of course with custom printing.
  • Mini Lanyards Premium
    Key holders in premium version. This product is waiting just for you! Choose the premium quality and your brand will be promoted on higher level. They're produced from 2 materials, express orders are welcomed.
  • Neon Keyrings
    Neon keyrings are the best choice to enlight your marketing of your company. Trendy, modern and can be produced up to 5 different colours. Place your order now, don't miss out!
  • Eco Friendly Keychains
    Order personalised eco friendly keychains directly from the manufacturer. 4 different types of keyrings, ecological way of production and fast shipping. These that we can guarantee. Don't miss out, order them right now!
  • Rubber Key Holders
    Rubber key holders can be used in different ways. They're not just useful accessories but trendy and modern promotional item for companies, organisations. Fast turnaround time, best price guarantee. Don't miss out!
  • Metal Keychains
    Are you searching for something special? You're at the right place. Order metal keychains directly from the manufacturer. Fast shipping, favorable prices! Don't miss out!

Personalised Keychains

Personalised keychains are useful promotional items that everyone will love to use. No matter if you need them for marketing issues or private use – they're useful accessories. Perfect item for hanging keys or portable devices (cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, camera, etc.). They can be used in multiple ways: promotional item for festivals or conferences, gift for business partners.

Euroko offers different types of personalised keyrings:Personalised Keychains

• premium (two-layered)
• eco friendly
• neon / UV
silicone (rubber)

Fabric keyrings and the premium version of them are produced in 4 different ways and from high-quality materials. You can customize the width, length, types of carbiners and accessories. We can print the key holders according to your wishes. These promotional items are produced from soft, high quality polyester that comfortable to wear. We were thinking on the ecological ways of use. Eco keychains are one of the most-needed products we have. On the other hand we have neon keyrings as well. They can be printed with 5 different UV colours!

Don't wait and order your custom key holders with your own design. It will be appreciated by your business partners, friends, or employees at your company. Rubber / silicone material is one of the most stretch-resistant stuff that can be used for producing promotional items. We can print different logos or slogans on them. The rubber keychains get a metal clip that fastens the keyring on the silicone band.

What can we offer as a manufacturer?

• fast turnaround time
• high/quality materials
• express shipping
• best price guarantee

Do you have further questions? We're ready to help you!

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