• Tyvek Wristbands
    Tyvek wristbands are one of the most popular entry band types on the market. You can order them with your custom design or just as plain. Further versions are available too: full color, barcode - do not hesitate and order directly from the EU manufacturer.
  • Fabric Wristbands
    Do you need fabric wristbands? You're at the right place. We can produce them within 1 working day. Does not matter if you need neon or eco wristbands we can make it. Order now, don't miss out!
  • Silicone Bracelets
    Make your event special and unforgettable. Order custom silicone bracelets in different sizes, colours and length. They can be fully customized according to your needs.
  • Vinyl Event Bands
    Vinyl wristbands are mostly used in aquaparks. They're made from plastic and can be fully customized. 13 different colours, express production and shipping are available.
  • Woven Wristbands
    Woven wristbands are usually used at bigger festivals. They're stretch-resistand, waterproof and can be ordered with different types of closures.
  • Textile Wristbands
    Textile wristbands - fabric and woven too - are made from polyester material. Thanks to it they're stretch-resistant, waterproof and fully customizable. Do not wait anymore and make your event unforgettable!
  • Thermal Entry Bands
    Thermal wristbands are used in thermal baths. Stretch-resistant, can be used just one time and fully customizable. 6 different colours, express shipping is availabe. Don't miss out.
  • Laser Security Bands
    Would you like to produce your wristbands on your own? This is the perfect solution for you! Laser entry bands can be ordered in 19mm and 25mm width and can be personalised with your laser printer. That's so simple!
  • Safety Wristbands for Children
    Euroko offers another must have product for safety! Our tyvek wristband is perfect solution to prevent your child from being lost. Order these safety tyvek bracelets with playful patterns directly from the manufacturer.
  • RFID - NFC Wristbands
    Wide scale of RFID and NFC products, such as fabric and tyvek wristbands, silicone bracelets. Individually produced according to your conceptions. Express production and shipping all across Europe.
  • Reflective Slap Bands
    Security is in the first place! Reflective slap bands can be produced with your own design and are available in different sizes. Perfect choice for men, women or children. Put it on your bike, arms or ankle and you'll visible at all times.


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Order your custom wristbands and lanyards directly from the manufacturer!

You may find all kinds of wristbands in our sortiment, some of them are:

• Tyvek, also known as paper wristbands
• Wristbands produced from vinyl
• Wristbands produced from fabric
• Festival woven wristbands
• Entry bracelets with RFID / NFC chip
• Thermal wristbands

Wristbands are used as the most secure way of identification. No matter if you organise a get-together house party on a rainy day or a simple festival, the importance of security will be in the first place.

We offer you different types of event bands.

Tyvek wristbands are made from synthetic paper that’s why we call them simply „paper entry bands”. They’re water-resistant, strong, comfortable and easy to apply. The sequential numbering has been printed onto the left side of the entry band.

Our vinyl bracelets are made out of plastic and they’re one of the most durable wristbands out of our product range. You can choose either L-shape or Wide Face. These products can be customized in a simple way. We offer you to order our laser armbands in case you only need a small quantity. These identification wristbands are used not just at parties or events but in ambulatory surgery centers and other hospital facilities as well.

The most popular entry bracelets are called ’fabric’ and ’woven’ wristbands. The fabric printed entry bands can be produced with dye sublimation. On the other hand the woven event bands are sewn in up to 8 colours. They can be ordered with aluminium rings, plastic toggles or bead closures.

 We introduced these amazing products and now you can choose your favourite one from the above.

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