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10 years online


It has been ten years since, by mere chance, Euroko's success story began with only one person. Today, it has grown into a leading team. Back then, we didn't calculate anything in advance; we only imagined where the path we embarked on would lead us.

Ten years ago, more out of audacity than knowledge, we realized that meeting each customer's specific production needs, delivering perfectly on time, and constant innovation are among the most crucial pillars of our company. Meeting these needs is more important to us than providing cheap but poor quality products.

With ten years of experience in the market and after overcoming numerous challenges, we proudly face the thousands of satisfied customers we have. Our focus on customer orientation and flexible adaptation to their specific demands have laid the fundamental groundwork for our work.

As our order portfolio grew, we found it necessary to expand the capacity of our own factory, providing a solid foundation for the significant remodeling we carried out in the manufacturing of specific products. In recent years, we have made several investments in machinery, and our development policy continues on the same path.

Currently, we have dozens of colleagues who work professionally and with a vision for the future to build a large portfolio of satisfied clients, who return to us time and time again from all corners of Europe.

We trust in our capabilities and dedication, and we invite our customers to put us to the test as a company. We will virtually wink at them with our performance each time they come back to us.

"Yes, we can!"

Miklós Kozsár
Director and Founder

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